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Last Updated: December 2, 2013
Celebrities and movie stars have paid trainers that get paid big bucks to build muscles and have great abdominals that we all want.

The thing is that hiring a trainer can be pretty pricey. After all, a top notch trainer can cost anywhere from $90 to $130 an hour! I know most of us these days can't afford that.

Fortunately, with the internet there are several opportunities out there to get the help we need. But anyone who has spent time online knows that there are many exercise programs out there, but which ones really work? We know that it isn't practical for anyone to try out all of them, so we in our curiosity and with help of several volunteers from out gym, we decided to find out once and for all, which exercise program that specifically deals with core and midsection fitness, actually works?

Our key criteria: level of abdominal strength gained, actual weight (fat) loss, and ease of use.

Though some of the training programs we tried had delivered some level of expected results, we had consistently found one - and only one - that not only satisfied our criteria, but also exceeded our expectations in a number of different areas.

Our criteria were the following:

  • Easy to Follow Program
  • Significant Weight (Fat) Loss
  • Visible Results (Stronger Abdominals)
The Truth About Abs Review

Rating 9.5/10

Easy to Follow
Weight Loss
Visible Results

"The best program for fighting belly fat..."

Hands down, Mike Geary's program was simply the most effective abdominal and muscle building program out there on the market today.

We really spent time with this program and others like it. After this extensive look we can determine that without a doubt, this one topped them all. The great thing about this program is that it doesn't matter where you are at in terms of your level of fitness, you can benefit from it. Even supposedly "fit" and "cut" athletes we worked with got a tremendous advantage from using this program based on the feedback from www.truthaboutsixpackabsscam.com.

Geary offers a comprehensive abdominal program that we have been looking for, but he also takes things a step forward in comparison to most of the other programs we saw. He not only offers specific information on particular abdominal muscle types, but also offers a diet and nutrition component to his regimen. This is truly a step-by-step, guide to developing great looking abdominals!

The Truth About Abs scored high using our criteria. No question, it delivered strength gain and weight loss, but unlike other programs out there, it was pretty easy to use.

In addition, doing Geary helps steer you away from doing the "wrong" exercises to prevent injury, which is also very helpful to those just starting out.

If we had to look at a downside to this program is that it is so comprehensive that it may feel like a bit overloaded for the first. But everything is spelled right out for you that it should pose too much of a problem. Yet, then again, having more information in your hands, the better, right?

The Verdict: The Truth About Abs is the most effective abdominal program out there on the market today and we highly recommend it.

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